Carters Addon Pack Installation


After the great summer of 2013 we brought CAP slowly but in its entirety to the Steam Workshop! Now you can profit from automatic updates by simply subscribing to the collection.

Steam Workshop

The only thing you have to do with the Steam Workshop Version of the Carter Addons Pack is go to the Steam Workshop Collection which can be found here:

Then simply press the button labeled “Subscribe to All” located under the description to subscribe to the entire collection.

You now have successfully installed the Carter Addons Pack. But don’t get too hasty as you still require the wiremod addon. More information about this addon can be found in the Wiremod section below.

Sidenote: For some Linux Distro users the fonts via Workshop still does not work, so for those they still require to download and install them system-wide manually. These fonts can be downloaded from:


To download the Carter Addon Pack via GitHub, you will first need to install the GitHub Native Application. You can download this for Windows here:

An alternative would be to download the whole repository as a .zip file from GitHub, but we do not recommend this as it is easily corrupted while downloading and is hard to keep updated (you will have to re-download the whole package every time there is a new update). However if you do, you must extract the .zip file(s) and then place them in your addons folder.

CAP ( – 3.62MB


CAP_Resources ( – 1.91GB


After downloading it via the GitHub Application, copy and paste these folders into your addons folder which is located in “Steam\steamapps\COMMON\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons”.

You can then change the directory of the repository in the GitHub client under options and click the “sync” button every time there is an update which will synchronize the local files with the repository.

Alternatively, you could change the directory of where you want GitHub to download the folders and files to. You could select your garrysmod addons folder before downloading so it will automatically be placed there when you hit the clone button without the need of manually moving the folders.

Wiremod Installation

Wiremod is REQUIRED for this pack to function correctly, you can download it either via the Workshop or Github.

Steam Workshop

To download the Wiremod addon via workshop, simply click on the subscribe button from this workshop item:


To download the Wiremod Addon via GitHub, either click on the below “Clone in Desktop” or the “Download Zip” image to download the files via the Github Native Application or via a zip archive.

WireMod: (


For more information on how to use the Wiremod addon in combination with CAP please visit the Documentation section of our wiki:


To make use of the energy system where entities such as the Stargates, Weapons and other items that use power, provided by ZPM’s and Naqahdah generators, you require to have the Spacebuild Addon. You can download it by following the GitHub pages below, either via the GitHub Native Application or via a .zip archive.

The two spacebuild packs consists of one being the pack that has the Life Support system and is required for energy usage and two the Spacebuild Enhancement Pack, a pack that adds the ability to build and wire up flyable ships. While the enhancement pack is not required for the energy system, we do recommend it, as most servers that make use of Spacebuild together with CAP, also make use of the Enhancement Pack.


Spacebuild Enhancement Pack:


  • This addon NO LONGER REQUIRES the Avons Stargate Pack.
  • The Group System Addon IS MERGED WITH CAP therefore it is NOT REQUIRED.
  • If you do install either of the above mentioned addons IT WILL CAUSE ERRORS AND BREAKS IN CARTERSPACK.
  • This pack WILL NOT work on older versions of Garry’s Mod. If you would like more information about this, visit our FAQ page found here:

Multi-Language Support

Support and information is available in various different languages located in the forum: multi-language-support