CAP Logo Design

As you’ve noticed the website has been drastically changed and with that we also want to change our main CAP logo for usage on our website and/or on the workshop!

So if you have any ideas, concepts or designs in general then feel free to post them. We’ll pick the best one in the end and will feature this on our website of course.

Anything is welcome so feel free to post whatever you can come up with!

The submissions can be placed in this thread:

Rev 477 Update

Rev 477 changes:

* Cap player weapon restriction “exclude mode” not work.
* Jumper LSD shows secret address.
* Gate overloader and asuran gate weapon e2/starfall functions stargateOverloader/stargateAsuranBeam shows 1 on previous gate if move overloader/weapon to another gate and reactivate (hard to explain).
* Asgard transporter break universe stargate color after teleportation.

Site Updates

So with the downtime a lot of changes and improvements have been made. Here’s a short list of what’s changed:

  • A brand new flat design template based on the flat wordpress template
    • This new template introduces a responsive design, meaning for everyone who’s visiting the website via their phone’s you’ll have a proper way to view the website now.
  • A global Search function to search the wiki or the update news.
    • A separated search function for the forums which can be only found on the forum page (this might get integrated in the global search)
  • Recent post meta in the sidebar for easy access what has been updated via posts and categories.
  • Major speed improvements have been implanted with the use of caching the web pages and a CDN provided by Cloudflare for faster page loads and overall a better experience while browsing the site.

These four points is just a small fraction of what’s changed but it’s the main improvements that have been changed to the site, in the coming weeks there are going to be some more changes but currently everything should be operational, in case something is not then feel free to report it.

Website Half-Operational

Today we mark the website back accessible to everyone with the exception of registration. Users that registered before can now login and post on the forums once more.

In the coming days we will still perform various updates and bugfixes (if any). The theme is pretty much solid already but we might alter it slightly down the line (suggestions are welcome).

Currently we’ll look at how many resources the website will use when active once more and see where we go from there.

We apologize for any inconsistency that the website’s downtime might have caused you.

Thank you for your patience,
The CAP Team.

Under Construction

As you might have noticed the website was down for a couple of days, but we’re back online! However we’re not completely finished yet.

Luckily this time nothing has been lost so all the content, forum posts and users are still like they were before.

The reason for these sudden change is because our wordpress installation was hogging up all the resources from our webhost’s server which wasn’t normal. Finding and fixing the bug/problem that was causing these resource spikes would take way too long than to re-install wordpress completely and switch over to a new template (still on the look for a good template to use and if none I might make one myself (if you have any suggestions feel free to provide them)).

We’re still going to update and change the website so you might see some difference along these days/weeks and if you notice a bug feel free to report it.

We thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

Rev 476 Update

Rev 476 changes:

* Stargate wormhole jump logic, now it works by this rules:
– If you dialled 7 chevron address, then wormhole can jump only to gates in same group or supergate (if used universe gate – then only to gates in dial radius).
– If you dialled 8 chevron address, then wormhole can jump only to gates in same group of target gate (or dial radius if universe gate). This means you can jump to local gate in other galaxy from non-local gate in this galaxy.
– If you dialled 9 chevron address, then wormhole will just collapse in any case.
– If no gates found to jump, then wormhole will collapse.
– If you will attempt to do wormhole jump second time, then wormhole will collapse.
– If used galaxy system (not group system), then it can jump only from non-galaxy to non-galaxy gates or supergate, galaxy to galaxy gates or supergate, universe gates to universe gates.

* When do wormhole jump to supergate eventhorizon become to “normal” before supergate completely opens.
* When open gate just after close it and do wormhole jump second time – it did nothing.
* New wormhole jump logic fixes bug with “dialling” universe gate or in other galaxy gate using 7 chevrons etc.

Rev 473 Update

Rev 473 changes:

* Cloaking generator not cloak stargate universe gate in “cloak attached” mode or with small radius.
* Arthur mantle client lua error when non-updated/non-cap user connected to server.
* Small other fixes for arthur mantle.