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Rev 482-484 Update

Rev 482-484 Update:

* New wire input “Disable Sound” for shield (from stool).
* New wire inputs to atlantis console: Disable Auto-mode, Disable Use, thanks to Matspyder51 for manual-mode idea and code.
* Add Ancient, Goauld and Ori panels to Wire Buttons and Buttons.
* Add Random sound for Goaul, Ori and Ancient.
* Random sound for asgard transporter.
* Atlantis lights.

* Tel’Tak Beam Weapon, Charged Hyperdrive, HUD, Door Buttons, Other Tweaks.
* Wraith Dart resize, added Rotorwash.
* F302 changes:
– Added passenger
– Fixed FPV
– Added Toggle Cockpit button
– Fixed All missiles firing at once
– Fixed HUD Text moving down on first entering F302
* Jumper Auto-Pilot, replaced half a dozen timers, hopefully improving performance on servers, cleaned up the code a little.
* Jumper Animations are now viewable when cloaked (MP), animations don’t run at right speed, but is better than nothing.

* Fixed Jumper Buttons being Physgunable.
* Fixed Jumper exploding when going through gates on some Servers.
* Fixed malp not going through the gate properly.
* RemoveLaser error in ring_base.
* Sound in ships played for all ships, when you drive only one ship.
* Fixes to some Liam0102 stuff and other pull requests by AlexALX.
* Some other error fixes.

Wraith grenade not included to workshop version due to some glitches and lack of icon. It will be available later.

Thanks to Matspyder51, KvasirSG, Elanis, Liam0102 for this update.

Rev. 483 Update


  • Added F302 Passenger
  • Added F302 Toggle Cockpit button
  • Added Wraith Grenade SWep


  • All F302 missiles firing at once
  • HUD Text moving down on first entering F302
  • MALP not going through the gate properly
  • Jumper Animations now show when cloaked in Multiplayer


  • Replaced half a dozen timers on Jumper, hopefully improving performance on servers
  • Cleaned up Jumper code a little

The animations when cloaked do not play at the right speed currently, but is an improvement over the previous version.

Update currently only available on GitHub!

Rev. 482 Update

Rev. 482 Update


  • Tel’Tak Beam Weapon
  • Tel’Tak Charged Hyperdrive
  • Tel’tak HUD
  • Tel’tak Door Buttons
  • Atlantis Light TOOL
  • Atlantis Light Entity
  • Jumper AutoPilot for Gates


  • Tel’tak Tweaks
  • Wraith Dart resize
  • Fixed Jumper Buttons being Physgunable
  • Rotorwash to Dart

This update is currently only available on Github!