Rev 481 Update

Rev 481 Update:

* Control Panel models to Cap Door Controller (ancient, goauld, ori).
* Wire output Driver for puddle jumper.

* Naquadah Generator MK2 remove hook on client if destroyed.
* Some fixes for Matspyder51 commit (errors/wrong code).

Thanks to Matspyder51 for this update.

New USA based GMOD Server

Recently our previous USA server went down, but today we present you a brand new server this time in a new server box located in New York! It’s also a 32 player server so I do hope you enjoy this improvement!

Everything is installed from scratch today so I might have forgotten something so if I did feel free to inform me!

For now I’d say enjoy the new Official USA based CAP server!

Cache Problems

We’ve gotten reports of various cache problems with our website, however as we do not experience these mentioned problems we can not directly find the cause of it.

Therefore if you’re experiencing any caching problems make sure to clear your cache by press ctrl +f5 OR shift + f5. If this doesn’t do the trick then please make use of a cache removal tool like CCleaner.

If you know anything more that we do not, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

Rev 478 Update

Rev 478 Update:
* Fixed f302 lua errors spam after latest gmod update.

Please report for problems what happens after latest gmod update (if any) in cap forum.

CAP Logo Design

As you’ve noticed the website has been drastically changed and with that we also want to change our main CAP logo for usage on our website and/or on the workshop!

So if you have any ideas, concepts or designs in general then feel free to post them. We’ll pick the best one in the end and will feature this on our website of course.

Anything is welcome so feel free to post whatever you can come up with!

The submissions can be placed in this thread: