Wiki Moving – Website shutdown

With the huge decrease of visitors, donations and ad revenue we are forced to close our website as we can not keep it up running for much longer.

This was of course expected after our decision to halt the development of CAP. But don’t worry, all the information will be moving over to Github Wikis!

Here we will include all of the information provided on this site. Discussions can then either be made on Github or over on the Steam Workshop page!


We do still thank everyone for your continuous support over the year, we highly appreciate everyone who supported us and worked with us to create the addon as it is now! We do hope that CAP can still live on in the future when other modders like ourselves catch up on it and build upon it as we first did with Avon’s Stargate Pack!


Workshop and Fonts!

After the Garry’s Mod APRIP Update and CAP Revision 490, the fonts are now included in the CAP CODE part of the Workshop files! Therefore you do NOT require to manually download and install the FONTS anymore. However this feature might stop functioning in the future and if this will happen, then we might re-enable the font-checker to make sure everything works as expected.

Sidenote: For some Linux Distro users the fonts via Workshop still does not work, so for those they still require to download and install them system-wide manually.
These fonts can be downloaded from:

Cap Rev 490 Update

Rev 490 changes:

* Removed check for font install on workshop, now fonts included in the cap code (workshop part).
Thanks to latest gmod update with fix for fonts not working on workshop addons.
NOTE: on linux fonts still can not work on some distributions, you need install it manually system-wide.

* Arthur mantle “font error” after latest gmod update, also fix for linux (osx may also work now but not tested).
* Stargate menu column width and glyph displaying fixes for linux (may also work for osx).
* Fix for server crash/incorrect input when use wire gate “TransferResource”, thanks to TheMerkyShadow.

Cap Rev 488 Update

Cap Rev 488 changes:

* Changed how e2 functions stargateAddressList/stargateAtlantisTPAddressList works due to latest changes in wiremod.
* Updated all cap e2 chips what used stargateAddressList for new syntax.
NOTE: this means all player chips what used stargateAddressList will no longer work without those changes!
* Now ragdoll created after death using zap weapon can be grabbed.

* Added temporary fix to shield and wraith harvester what turn off randomly after latest gmod update.
* Possible fix for expression advanced function stargateAtlantisTPAddressList (not tested).
* Fixed wraith harvester can suck planet atmosphere on spacebuild servers, and some other entities without physics.

Happy New Year!

From the whole CAP team we wish you a happy and lovely New 2016!

Enjoy with your friends or family this wonderful new year full of new experiences and interesting moments.

Best wishes,

The CAP Team.

Cap Workshop Update

Workshop version of CAP was updated to fix issue with cap workshop detection script, it not working correct and cap workshop users actually was initialized like git version. This not including any code changed to github version, because its just wrong addon name what i used when updating workshop addon.

Also important note:
Latest gmod update broke something and now with cap installed hl2 vehicles (and probably other) is unusable, this is Garry’s Mod issue and not CAP. It was already fixed on gmod dev branch, so we can’t do anything with this until new gmod update come (and we don’t know when).